Happy together

documentary / 75 min / 2014

Producer: Saša Dlouhý
Coproducer: Czech Television
Director: Saša Dlouhý
DoP: Saša Dlouhý
Editor: Jakub Voves
Sound Václav Flegl
Music: Ondřej Skala aka Ježíš táhne na Berlín

Offline Editing   

A documentary portrait of the family of a sinologist who sets out to live in a small Chinese town in order to fulfill his dreams and continue in the footsteps of Chinese-Czechoslovak relations begun in the 1950s. The reality of life in contemporary China is presented through the eyes of an unbiased observer, contrasted with the strongly religious young couple’s attempts at adapting to their new life. Different customs, different cultures, pollution everywhere, but also a desire to perform a great undertaking and to find an unconventional and strict upbringing for their sons. All of this is the film Happy Together.

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